MacRitchie Reservoir Walk, Singapore

MacRitchie Reservoir

You might think that Singapore is all skyscrapers and shopping malls, but if you are looking for an escape from the city one afternoon, there is a quiet little oasis in the middle of the island called MacRitchie Reservoir.  You can catch public transport to the start of this jungle walk that takes you on swing bridges across bush canopy, past cheeky monkeys and other wildlife, to a large network of boardwalk around the edge of Singapore’s main water supply and then through a public park.  You will meet lots of joggers and other walkers, but for the most part this 10+ kilometre walk is very peaceful, and teeming with wildlife (we saw monkeys, birds, terrapins and giant water lizards).

Lots of people who aren’t used to tropical heat balk at the idea of being out in the open for any length of time during the day, but if you load up on water and nice cold calamansi lime drinks from the supermarket before you go, you should be fine.  Just take it slow and pack snacks and lunch to stop and eat on the way.  Be warned, though, the monkeys will definitely try to steal your sushi!

Directions: Catch the MRT to Marymount MRT Station, and then catch bus services 52, 74, 165, 166, 852, or 855 to various points in the park.  A map of the area on your phone (and directions from the excellent Singapore Public Transport App) will help you know when to get off the bus.  It will be super easy to find another bus to take you back to an MRT station when you emerge from the park.

We caught the 166 bus from Marymount Station up Upper Thompson Road and then walked a few minutes to the Venus Loop park entrance near the Tree Top Walk.

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