Dunedin Library


Dunedin Public Library is a large six level concrete library building in my hometown, Dunedin New Zealand.

This was my childhood library, which my family visited every Friday evening. I always loved the library and used to daydream that I lived in it, with my bed on one of the lovely window seats.

When I was a teenager, I used to visit a lot after school, borrowing books from the young adult and science fiction collections, all the time hoping that I would run into cute boys. It never happened. Unfortunately there never seemed to be any cute boys in the library.

Dunedin Public Library was also where I started my library career, with my first library job in my second year of University. I spent every Saturday in the local history collection on the third floor, cutting newspaper clippings and fetching books from locked glass cabinets. I worked there for 2 years and it made the place feel more like home than ever.

I love this library for it’s corrugated concrete cladding and interiors, it’s deep window seats, the exposed green pipes on the ceiling of the staff room on the sixth floor, and the Colin McCahon and Ralph Hotere paintings that were so democratically placed within the library for all to enjoy. I miss, terribly, the amazing collection of framed prints (many by new zealand artists) that hung in the children’s library and on the first floor. Customers could borrow these artworks for two months at a time. That was a wonderful service and a great source of wonder for myself as a child.

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