Girl in Melbourne


Melbourne is a city that swaddles you and keeps you warm… as long as you are appropriately dressed.  It’s the kind of destination you always park a scarf when visiting (especially in Autumn) because you never know how bitterly cold it might be.  This is why Melbourne feels a lot like home, because New Zealand is the same.  And because my sister lives in Melbourne, so a part of home is always there to welcome me.

I never really do much when I am in Melbourne, only the things that you imagine people who live there do in this town.  It’s the perfect city to imagine you live in and just relax into.  So I shop, go to cafes, eat, wander through parks, walk up four flights of steps in search of bookstores, go to museums and galleries.  It is an easy to navigate city, so simple to get around.  Perfect for exploring and for solitary wandering days punctuated by meals with friends.

Stayed at: Tyrian Apartments in Fitzroy
Ate at: Vegie Bar, Moroccan Soup BarCumulus Inc, Mamasita, La Belle Miette
Explored: Tessuti Fabric Store, Metropolis Bookshop, Collected Works, The Nicholas Building
Region Highlights: Fitzroy, Collingwood, Carlton

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