New Fiction I am excited about in 2016

Good on Paper by Rachel Cantor
Release Date: January 2016
I can’t remember where I first heard about Rachel Cantor, but I know that her forthcoming second novel has been praised by Emily St John Mandel and sounds funny, bookish, and complicated in just the way I like.  I am hoping for Possession meets A Visit from the Goon Squad, but will have to wait to read it to see!

Children of Earth and Sky by Guy Gavriel Kay
Release Date: May 2016
Kay is by far my favourite fantasy writer. A master of both unexpected settings and fully realised minor characters, he always manages to deliver a well-rounded novel that evokes a time and place with great depth, and his stories keep me reading, pull at my heartstrings and leave me blubbing on the bus… every time. His latest offering is set in a fantasy analogue of Renaissance Venice and there will be merchants, spies and much intrigue. As a huge fan of Kay’s Sarantine Mosaic (Byzantine intrigue and political manoeuvring aplenty!) and Dorothy Dunnett’s Niccol series, I am excited to see what Kay will do with this new setting. The fact that Kay is also a Dunnett fan just makes me even more excited.

Zero K by Don DeLillo
Release Date: May 2016
DeLillo is one of those superb authors who always has his finger on the pulse.  I once read an interview with Don DeLillo where he talked about his writing concerning living in dangerous times, and what is more dangerous than the topic of death?  Except when you are writing about death in the 21st century, right?

Crosstalk by Connie Willis
Release Date: September 2016
Connie Willis is one of Science Fiction’s best humorists, but also one of the genre’s best romance authors. Bellwether, To Say Nothing of the Dog and Passage all have fantastic romance sub plots, so the prospect of a new romantic comedy novel from Willis all about telepathy has me very excited.

The Mirror and the Light by Hilary Mantel
Release Date: Unknown, could be 2017!
Finally, we get to Jane, who has been dear in the Cromwell novels (Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies) so far. I am guessing the third novel will cover Jane Seymour’s short reign, the birth of a long awaited male heir, the search for Henry’s fourth wife, and what we all knew was coming from the start: Cromwell’s inevitable and rapid demise at the hands of his friend, an increasingly erratic king Henry VIII.  I know this one is going to be hard to read, but I just. can’t. wait.

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