5 Piece French Wardrobe

As I have got more into sewing my own clothes, I find I buy less pieces from stores.  This, combined with an overflowing wardrobe that still needs rationalising, has inspired me to plan to purchase only a few quality items in 2016.

The rules for the 5 Piece French Wardrobe are that you limit yourself to buying 5 pieces per season (two seasons in a year), basics don’t count and accessories don’t count. I am counting shoes, as I don’t really consider them an accessory. And I am counting basics, unless I am simply replacing a basic item like a favourite tshirt or one of my two pairs of jeans (if they wear out). Following this philosophy, if I am replacing plain black work flats that have worn out, I would probably consider them a basic item and not count them towards my 5. Other shoes, though… yes.

My pieces last year were:

Black Bikini from Tigerlilly (similar)
Pony Ballet Flats from Sambag
Black Le Skinny de Jeanne Frame Jeans
Red Striped Boatneck from Marimekko
Oxblood Red Cape from Cue
Grey Cashmere Cardigan from Brooks Brothers
Black Suede Espadrille Flats from UGG
Black Silk Wrap Dress from Sambag
Red Cigarette Trousers from COS
Black Cigarette Trousers from COS

Apart from the boatneck tee, these are all items it would have been difficult to sew, and I am pleased that they all fit into a colour palette (red, maroon, soft grey, charcoal grey and black) that fits with other items in my wardrobe.

The pieces I will be hunting for this year are:

Brown High Heeled Oxford Brogues
Neutral Ballet Flats
The Perfect White Button Down Shirt
A Dressy Winter Coat
The Perfect Cashmere Pullover
A Tuxedo Blazer
A Leather Jacket
A Classic Navy or Neutral Trench Coat
A Silk Slip Dress

Everything else I will try to sew, as I am more and more happy with my sewing projects. I think I have even mastered sewing knits. So here’s to 2016 being a year where my wardrobe fits me perfectly, in a colour palette and style I have decided for myself. For ‘the simple girl buys what she’s told to buy’, but I would like to have a little more say and autonomy in my sartorial choices.

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