Hi, I’m Jenn Martin.  I’m a maker, librarian and event producer living in Sydney, Australia.

You will find me reading most days for love and money.  I have the daily thrill of the abecedarian, because there is always something new to learn about.  I’m eternally grateful that my incurable curiosity and propensity to wonder suit my work so well.

I love to travel, encountering new places and ideas, but I’m a bit of a homebody as well.  I like the luxe as much as the laid back, but do tend to prefer the DIY to the designer.  This is why I am a maker, because when you make something yourself you can (eventually) get it just. exactly. right.

I write this blog to collect all my ideas about reading and making, and to remember my travels. If you would like to work with me, I am always happy to help out with reading related events in Australia or New Zealand or help you develop reading related content wherever you are in the world.