Work with Me

I am a strong believer in supporting reading culture and encouraging vibrant, diverse and engaged communities of readers.

As an enthusiastic and charismatic communicator with an honours degree in English Literature and over 15 years experience working within libraries and arts organisations, I am uniquely suited to deliver a range of programming options for your organisation, community or festival.

In my work as an Events Coordinator I run book clubs, small group themed reading discussions, and facilitate author events.  For example:

Regular Reading Chat with Dugald Saunders on ABC Western Plains Radio – Interviewed fortnightly on Monday mornings 2017-2018
Comfort Books: In-House Bibliotherapist at Wollongong Writers Festival November 2018
Literary Prescriptions at Penrith Real Festival November 2018 – Reading Facilitator
Australian Gypsies with Mandy Sayer at The Mudgee Readers Festival August 2018 – Interviewer
Comfort Reading at The Mudgee Readers Festival August 2018 – Host/Facilitator
Bibliotherapy Sessions at The Mudgee Readers Festival August 2018 – Bibliotherapist
Author Event: Mandy Sayer, Australian Gypsies, December 2017 – Interviewer
Better Living Through Books at The Mudgee Readers’ Festival August 2017 – Host/Facilitator
Bibliotherapy Sessions at The Mudgee Readers’ Festival August 2017 – Bibliotherapist
Author Event: Stephanie Darling, Secrets of a Beauty Queen, September 2017 – Interviewer
Author Event: Jayne Anderson, Working it Out, March 2017 – Interviewer
Author Event, David Dyer, The Midnight Watch, February 2017 – Interviewer
Beyond the Book, Pride & Prejudice Reboots, October 2016 – Facilitator
Author Event: Simmone Logue, In the Kitchen, September 2016 – Interviewer
Book Launch: Greig Beck, Fathomless, September 2016 – Interviewer
Author Event: Lucy Clark, Beautiful Failures, August 2016 – Interviewer
Beyond the Book: Modern Adaptations of Shakespeare, August 2016 – Facilitator
Beyond the Book: The 21st Century Novel, July 2016 – Facilitator
Monthly Paddington Library Book Club – Facilitator
Monthly Woollahra Library at Double Bay Evening Book Club – Facilitator
Appearances in sketches for Bookish, The ABC‘s online companion to The Book Club
The Great Romance Debate: Happily Ever After?, February 2015 – Producer/Host

I also write book reviews, curate reading lists, offer one on one bibliotherapy sessions, and can develop sets of questions for book clubs.

If you would like to discuss an opportunity or just ask me a question, you can contact me at ms.jenn.martin[at]