Reading Round Up: Science Fiction

It’s been an exciting year for science fiction, with two of the genre’s largest names publishing very 21st century novels about intergenerational space journeys.

Scifi Round Up

Neal Stephenson’s new novel Seveneves is typically Stephenson-esque, with fast pacing, adventure, lots of geeky science detail, and a nice little ongoing dialogue about the philosophical and practical merits of science vs politics.

When an unexplained event breaks the moon into multiple pieces, Earth’s population must rapidly plan and execute an evacuation strategy to avoid the 10,000 year meteor shower that will soon render the surface of Earth uninhabitable. A rapid hack of the International Space Station, followed by a mad cap space race to secure the resources required for continued human existence in space takes up the first half of the book. The second half of the book speculates on what remaining human life may look like 5,000 years in the future.

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