5 Piece French Wardrobe Update

My quest for both a 333 and a 5 piece french wardrobe this year was complicated by the fact that my work required me to start wearing only black, white and grey.

This led to a little bit of scrambling to find enough everyday basics in this monochrome palette to see me through the winter, but I did also manage to score myself a beautiful Navy Cashmere pullover from Christensen Copenhagen that is both casual and luxurious. It has buttons down the back, and I love that I can wear it as either as a pullover or back to front as a slouchy but tidy cardigan.

My pieces this year were:

Grey Skinny Jeans from Citizens of Humanity (similar)
Grey Cotton Cashmere Maxi Dress from Majestic Filatures (similar)
Black Cotton Cashmere Pencil Skirt from Majestic Filatures
Grey Cotton Pencil Skirt from Majestic Filatures
Black Silk Kaftan Top from Morrison
Black Silk Kaftan Dress from Morrison
Navy Cashmere Pullover from Not Shy
Black Alberto Fasciani Booties (similar)
Homespun Cabled Pullover from Muji
White Silk Blouse from Oxford

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Vintage Knitting

vintage knitting

Summer is wrapping up in Australia, with one more hot month before coolness starts to set in. There is a Monday morning in April each year in Sydney, when all the girls on the train platform are suddenly wearing scarves.  It’s like they all coordinate it (there must be an app or something).  Winter coats follow soon after, but my favourite cold weather garment will always be a cardigan.

I’m starting to plan my knitting for the year now, because it took me most of last winter to knit my teal Audrey cardigan. If I am to add another vintage inspired cardigan to my wardrobe this year, I better get started!

When I watched the movie Brooklyn recently, I was very inspired by the cardigans and sweaters worn by Saoirse Ronan.  I wanted to start knitting right there in the cinema.